The Magic Matt Show

Award winning magic and circus style entertainment for every occasion. From children’s birthday parties to christenings, summer fairs and even an original feature at your wedding.


Who am I?

I'm Matt and I've been performing magic and all kinds of variety entertainment professionally for over 20 years.
My passion is for all things magic and circus so my show is a compilation of tricks, juggling, comedy, unicycling and balloon modelling.

I love involving children in live entertainment that they can enjoy along with their families, delivering performances that are the perfect addition to any party. I can even run the full party from start to finish so you can sit back, relax & Facebook it to your heart's content.

What I Do?

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Birthday Parties

I can perform a standalone show or run the full 2 hour party for you.

I perform at literally hundreds of birthday parties every year so know exactly what I’m doing when it comes to entertaining children.

The Magic Matt Show on its own generally runs for 45-60 minutes but most people now opt for me to run the full 2 hour party as it’s great value for money and takes all of the hassle out of it for you.

Wedding TMMS

Christenings & Weddings

Yorkshire Wedding Family Entertainer Of The Year 2018

These days I’m as much of a ‘Family Entertainer’ as I am ‘Children’s Entertainer’ and although I’m primarily there to entertain the kids, I find I draw a lot of the adults in too. They love the show just as much.

I recommend about an hour of entertainment at Christenings & Weddings but can cater for other options.

school show

School Shows

Entertainment & educational shows & workshops that can pay for themselves

Magic and Circus shows are a great way of rewarding children for “getting it right”. As are the magic and circus skills workshops I offer.

I am a former teacher, so understand exactly what goes into the process of organising external suppliers such as myself to come into school so I’ve even devised a way I can pay back my own fee.


"Very very good show. Entertaining start to finish, the kids absolutely loved it! And so did the adults.
Nice bloke, great magician and a brilliant party!"

Danny Bradley
-Macie's Dad


"Brilliant kids entertainment and a few jokes for the grown ups too!
**Edit . . the evening entertainment for the adults was even better.
Not a clue how he did the tricks he did. Amazing wedding for amazing friends with first class entertainment!"

Gemma Roche
-Wedding Guest

At this wedding I performed The Magic Matt Show in a separate family space in the day then close up magic from my other business www.matthewjmagic.co.uk in the evening for the adults.

Family Show at North Leeds Food Festival

Today at 13:00We’re back with a card trick tomorrow so grab yourselves a deck of cards and get ready to learn an awesome trick to amaze your friends and family 😃🪄 ... See MoreSee Less

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I’m crossing Zoom Live Magic with Letterbox Magic and providing online workshops with a fantastic “Magic Workshop Pack” of tricks delivered for free with all the props you need to learn a boatload of amazing tricks. Here are the first 50 I’ve spent Valentines Day morning packaging up in the lounge ready to go out tomorrow 😃. Drop a comment below or PM for more details.
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FREE Magic Science Lesson


You’ll need a ping pong ball today for the amazing floating ball trick, join me LIVE at 13:00. I’ll be teaching the trick aling the the fun science behind how it works.
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All this week my friends at Taz Entertainments are promoting Place2Be and #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek raising awareness of the importance of children and young people’s mental health. They are sharing a trick from a different entertainer each day and here's my offering for today.

You can learn how to do this trick by going to Zoom Live Magic as I taught it live last Saturday on the page.

1 in 6 children and young people have a diagnosable #mentalhealth condition. To find out more, go to:
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1) Build a snowman in your garden.
2) Go sledging with a parent or a responsible adult.
3) Make snow angels and write your name underneath.
4) Have a snowball fight (but keep it to your bubble, I don't want to hear about any £10,000 fines).
5) Go for a family snow walk with a flask of hot chocolate if your parents can get a bit of time off working from home (ask nicely, they won't take much convincing).

Most of all enjoy the snow whilst it lasts and make the most of that amazing thing we call childhood.
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